“Magic Soil” Coco Peat Bricks – Organic Growing Medium – Light Weight Expanding Soil Substitute


  • Pack of 2 CocoPeat Bricks for Medium, Large and Mega Size Planters
  • Each Brick of 8 inches length, 3 inches in breadth and 2 inches height
  • Natural Organic Soil Substitute Produced from Coconut Husk
  • Light Weight – Even Kids can Move the Pots Around
  • Expands to 5 times its mass on adding water
  • Holds 8-9 times its weight in water.
  • Stores and releases nutrients to plants for extended periods of time
  • Can be used for up to 5 years


Cocopeat is a natural growing medium obtained from coconut husk. The extraction of the coconut fiber from husks gives this by-product. Cocopeat is dried in the sun and compressed to produce discs, bricks and tablets of different sizes. Cocopeat makes an excellent growing medium for plants. Clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. Coco Peat has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is important for healthy root development.

How to Use?

Put your compressed Coco Peat disc/brick in a container, slowly add 4 times the amount of warm water and let it sit until the water is absorbed. Prepare potting mix with your Organic Manure in ratio 4:1 (4 part CocoPeat and 1 part Organic manure) by mixing well with your garden Trowel or Cultivator.



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